Prime Minister Zaev insists to seek Greece help over Bulgaria’s blockade for the start of Macedonia’s accession negotiations.

I believe this, in addition to being a problem and a challenge for Macedonia, is also a problem for the European Union or a challenge for the European Union, including Greece and Bulgaria, he said.

He believes that a solution will be found with Bulgaria first, because the problem is not of such a nature where it could be an obstacle, given that 35 chapters are still being opened and decisions on opening and closing are being made by all member states, so I believe that the reduced tensions in our country and in Bulgaria will help in that whole part, he added.

But we also need help from all the other friends, and Prime Minister Mitsotakis has developed some ideas and I am very grateful for the creativity he has offered. Of course, I cannot comment on them, because they still have to do it, but for us they are only positive. I am very glad that the Prime Minister of Greece not only helps, not only participates, he goes directly to the European Council and Minister Dendias to the Council of Ministers and there they are loud and talk and work to help the integration of Macedonia and Albania, of course of both countries, and now they have shown additional creativity, which I am positively surprised in a very friendly way, in a very pragmatic way, Zaev said.

I believe it can only be helpful and be a solution to the problem. So the feeling is nice, when you really have friends. We are a small country, we are really friends with everyone, but when they reciprocate with friendship, it feels good. It is time for me to share that with our people. I believe in success, I believe through dialogue and agreement that solutions are reached and indeed Greece, I can confirm that it is one of our most committed friends in our Euro-Atlantic bid, Zaev added.