SDSM leader Zoran Zaev addressing Monday evening the public debate in Skopje’s Karpos municipality said that the citizens who did not exercise their right to vote sent a clear message to the government, calling them to vote in the presidential runoff.

Zaev is convinced that in the runoff, presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski will win with a difference of 100 thousand votes.

This is not a fight for Zaev, it’s not a fight for SDSM, it is a fight for the homeland. The closeness of the votes says “Gruevski returns, the regime returns”, nobody wants that, the voters of VMRO-DPMNE don’t want that, the SDSM leader pointed out.

He pointed out that they acknowledged where mistakes were made and, as he said, they can be fixed, because they are not like the ones that the 11-year regime had made.

He said that Pendarovski needs the votes of the presidential candidate Blerim Reka, who dropped out in the first round of presidential elections.

We need Reka’s votes, yes, we need them all. We invite them to join us in the concept of unity that brings us to the modern European world, Zaev said.