VMRO-DPMNE’s culture program recently presented to the public by party’s leader Hristijan Mickoski promises new contemporary theaters in Skopje, Prilep and Bitola as well as delegated budgets for cultural institutions, reduction of VAT from 18 to 5% in culture, reconstruction of the Museum of Macedonia building…

Since then, numerous cultural activists have commented on the program. 

The only political entity that has truly tried and is trying to leave a mark on the cultural life of the Republic of Macedonia, in its three decades of existence as an independent state, is without a doubt VMRO-DPMNE, actor Robert Veljanovski says, adding that VMRO-DPMNE’s program shows the attempt to restore the devastated culture in the Republic of Macedonia

I have the feeling that the presented electoral program is not a closed dogmatic circle, but on the contrary, it is a foundation that allows for the upgrading of the presented projects, but also the opportunity for new and modern ideas and thinking that would confirm and enrich the concept of working in the field of culture, he added.