The Macedonian museums and tourist localities lack curators, which allows for foreign curators or simple tourist groups leaders to present Macedonian history, often in a very distorted manner, the Director of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism (APST), Ljupcho Yanevski told reports on Monday press conference.

“The archeological and other localities must offer their own curators, who will welcome the guests and present them the history in a genuine, authentical manner. It is unacceptable for such an important sector to be out of control, with simple tourist workers from other countries who are completely distorting ten history. One of the main motives for foreign tourists to come to our country is the cultural and historical heritage, which we have in abundance and which made famous around the world”, Yanevski said.

At the moment there is no official number of how many curators the country needs since the museums and the localities are under the Ministry of Culture. APST contacted the MMinsitry, with a request to increase the number of curators at least during the summer months when tourists come in large numbers.

“Culture and tourism are complementary sectors, many countries already recognized the necessity to have both, a ministry of culture, and a ministry of tourism, which would be responsible for the cultural heritage, and provide for its correct and adequate presentation. Tourist diplomacy also provides for the presentation of the country, the building of cultural bridges, and promotion of the cultural, historical, and ethnological heritage”, Yanevski stressed.