The application process for the 2020 agriculture subsidies has begun and will last until July 31, said the agency for support of agriculture and rural development on Tuesday.

The applications are filed electronically, while farmers who need assistance in the process can address the local offices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

Agency director Nikolche Babovski urged farmers to wear masks and use disinfectants when visiting the local offices.

Before signing the application, farmers should check whether all measures and crops are written down. If there is a mistake, they can withdraw the application or change it within 30 days from applying, said Babovski.

According to him, there are sufficient funds for subsidies, which are paid regularly and non-selectively.

We will continue to do this in the future, creating measures that directly affect the development and modernization of agriculture, reducing production costs and increasing the volume of agriculture products, added Babovski.