While large companies are able to maneuver through bureaucracies and make significant investments in Macedonia, smaller companies find this business environment difficult. So ensuring that procurement processes are transparent and establishing a professional bureaucracy that’s able to work with companies on routine issues will improve the overall business environment and attract additional foreign direct investments not only to Macedonia, but throughout the region, US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Byrnes told a panel on Monday during the “Economic Recovery and Growth beyond COVID” conference.

According to the ambassador, even in conditions of a pandemic, the Macedonian economy has shown that it can adapt and thrive. Many companies have expanded their capacities and decided, she said, to invest in the country.

COVID prevented personal exchanges, but technology companies operating here have found a way to keep working safely. There were also delivery companies that expanded their list of partners, many restaurants continued to operate, and for the first time in the country, companies opened online service, said Byrnes.

She also commended the government, noting that it swiftly implemented measures to protect jobs.