Today I payed a working visit to the social work centers in Tetovo and Gostivar where I had a meeting with Darko Obalic, director of the Tetovo center and Nada Velickovska, director of the Gostivar center, interim Labor Minister Rasela Mizrahi wrote on Facebook.

My commitment and interest are the conditions in which the centers work and the way they work with clients seeking their services. In doing so, I emphasized that the first and foremost goal of the centers is to provide satisfied clients, especially as they are most often people at risk or in need of a helping hand from the state at some point in their lives. From the talks I heard the problems and challenges faced by the employees at these centers. They are detected and I believe that everything in my power and within the laws will be taken for the employees to get better working conditions because if they are satisfied and the clients will be satisfied with their services. The employees at the centers are the link between the vulnerable categories of citizens and the state that needs to hear their problems and then design policies tailored to the needs of people at social risk, Mizrahi wrote.