There are only a few countries in Europe that managed to withstand the pressure and not pass into the zone of double-digit inflation.

The statistics of “Visual Capitalist” illustrate what is happening in Europe and show which countries suffer the most from inflation, and which countries maintain financial balance.

The worst situation is in Turkey, where in the last period the value of money is decreasing alarmingly. The inflation rate there reached 88.5 percent, and in the next country on the list, according to this indicator, inflation is three times lower. We are talking about Ukraine where inflation, for obvious reasons, reached 26.6%. Fuel prices there, for example, have seen an increase of over 90% this year compared to last, and so, if a liter of gasoline in 2021 was sold at a price of about 25-27 hryvnias, today it has jumped to 50-55 hryvnias.

Ukraine is followed immediately by Lithuania (23.6%), Estonia (22.5%), Latvia (21.8%) and Hungary (21.1%). These are the countries where inflation is far above the European average and hovers around 10%.

Of course, there are also good examples below or around these percentages, although very few. We are talking about Denmark and Portugal (10.1%), as well as Norway (7.5) and the absolute champion France – 6.2%. Italy and Austria are close to the European average with 11.8% and 11% respectively.

Macedonia, on the other hand, according to the inflation rate, is at the top of the list compared to the countries of the region. In our country, as reported by the State Statistics Office, the inflation rate, measured by the increase in the cost of living, was 19.8 percent in October compared to the same month last year.

The countries in the region look better on the inflation map. In Bulgaria it is 18%, Romania can “boast” with 15.3%, Greece – between 5 and 10%, in Serbia it is about 15%, Croatia – 13.5.