In order to achieve economic growth in the following years, a rehabilitation of the catastrophic situation left by DUI and SDS is necessary, and only after that we can stabilize the economy, the member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Board, economy professor Trajko Slavevski said on Tuesday.

Slavevski stressed that Macedonia is on a path to lose its economic independence because of the controversial and corruptive contract with Bechtel&Enka for  the construction of the corridors 8 and 10d. That is because the Government signed something that not only lacks a complete and detailed project, but also they don’t have a clue how will they finance it.

Slavevski pointed out that the VMRO-DPMNE Government in 2006 did not start the construction of the highway section Smokvica – Demir Kapija, until they secured a beneficial financing from the European Investment Bank.

“These people were rejected  by the same institution because of the controversial contract, which puts the country in a collision course with the EU. The first signs of their contempt already arrived”, Slavevski concluded.