The economy is sinking due to SDSM, high inflation, increased trade deficit, and large public debt, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

Macedonia with SDS has the highest inflation in Europe. Inflation of 20 percent eats away at people’s incomes. It is a lie that there is a wage increase; it is not even a leveling. The reality is that we have a fall in real wages. What two years ago citizens bought with 500 denars, now they can’t even buy with 1,000 denars. The bad indicators of the government’s inaction are everywhere. The trade deficit is constantly increasing. Public debt with SDS reached over 7.5 billion euros. Or in a few years since the SDS came to power, it has increased by 3 billion, and there are no new projects built, nor does anyone know where that money went. SDS has neither concept nor knowledge of how to proceed. That’s why early elections are needed as soon as possible, says the party.