The Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) asked public prosecutors to initiate an investigation into the large real-estate project planned near the GTC mall in Skopje, in which three high-rises and a large new shopping mall are scheduled to be built by businessman Zoran Antic together with the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

DKSK named municipal officials and spatial planners, as well as two previous mayors of Centar – Andrej Zernovski and Vladimir Todorovic, on whose watch the plan was changed and the huge development approved. The Commission concluded that the adoption of the 2012 spatial plan violated the law and possibly constitutes abuse of office.

The development is being designed by architect Martin Panovski, close to the ruling SDSM party, who is now the most vocal defender of the plan. It became huge embarrassment for SDSM, considering that it led initiatives to prevent the redevelopment of the GTC mall during its Colored Revolution campaign – only to now preside over a huge new build just next door.