Albanian President Bajram Begaj emphasized the importance of mutual respect among neighbors, including respect for national symbols, during his visit to Bitola. When asked about potential vetoes by neighboring countries on EU accession, Begaj expressed optimism, highlighting the need for an optimistic view on the path to EU membership. He wished for a swift EU accession for the benefit of future generations and regional peace.

Begaj commended the positive relations between Albania and North Macedonia, thanking local and national authorities for their cooperation during his visit. He underscored the significance of such amicable relations, urging other neighboring countries to follow suit and uphold mutual respect, including respect for national symbols.

The ceremonial event, attended by Begaj, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, Education Minister Jeton Shaqiri, and honorary Albanian Consul Imer Selmani, commemorated the 115th anniversary of the Congress of Bitola, organized by the “Museum of the Albanian alphabet” in Bitola.