The UJP revenue service informs that companies associated with showman and suspected extortionist Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 have withheld taxes for 20 million denars (320.000 EUR).
UJP investigated companies managing Boki 13’s television (1TV), his bogus charity group – the International Association, and Tomato prodution which he took over from another producer.
A lot of the tax evasion is focused on the million EUR Boki 13 received from two construction companies for his International Association group, on the promise that he will build charitable housing for elderly people which he intended to turn for profit.

His BMJ group, which managed the television, paid out money to purchase equipment, but didn’t invoice the purchases to avoid paying taxes. It also failed to pay taxes on profits from organizing concerts of regional starts Severina and Marija Serifovic.

Issues were also found with the building where 1TV was housed (the former Tomato production) which was being used without paying rent for the land.

Boki 13 is in detention on charges of extorting millions from businessmen he was pressuring with the help of disgraced former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and officials from the SDSM party he was close with.