The Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska, presented the National Platform for Online Learning, which will be used in the new school year.

The preparation of the national platform for online learning was a great challenge, but it is an investment in the future and modernization of education. It is a tool that in this school year will significantly help to maintain the quality of the educational process in conditions of pandemic, said Carovska.

The Minister stressed that the platform is the first step towards modernization of education, a new tool that she is convinced it will be a significant resource even after overcoming the Covid-19 crisis. She added that the period that follows will not be easy for anyone, neither for the teachers, nor for the students, nor for the parents, because the changes are always difficult, and the adjustment requires a huge sacrifice from everyone.

I am convinced that the model we have chosen will be a balance of good education and protection of public health. The platform will be a challenge for everyone, but I am confident that everyone will master working on it and that we will all love it. It is practical, easy to use and adapted for everyone who will use it, said Carovska.