Health Minister Venko Filipche said Tuesday that he and the Commission for Infectious Diseases have been fully committed over the past four months in ensuring recommendations, laws and protocols to prevent the coronavirus spread.

The protocols we drafted for the reopening of businesses and getting life back to normal while observing new rules have been very efficient. Observance of these protocols for personal protection makes market shopping, going to work or using public transport entirely safe. This is our new reality and new way of life, Minister Filipce says in a video address.

According to him, a protocol has been also drafted for next week’s early parliamentary elections.

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with other institutions, has drafted a safe and efficient protocol for protection of people’s health when voting. Let me assure you that voting on Election Day will be safe. Voting will be as safe as any other daily activity, such as going to the market. The strict protocol and its full implementation are our duty and responsibility, and we are committed to ensuring our citizens a safe environment in which they can cast their vote, notes Filipce.