I crossed the whole of Macedonia over the past 20 days, and I can tell you that the energy in the people was palpable and there was a lot dissatisfaction, said VMRO-DPMNE official Vladimir Gjorcev following the major VMRO victory in the local elections.

Macedonia endured awful things, it was horribly humiliated over the past three – four years. We also have the highest coronaviruys mortality in the world. Under Zaev, we reached the worst ever ranking in the Transparency International corruption index. We are labeled a hybrid regime, there are no new factories, no new job opportunities and everything points to a full exodus from the country the likes of which we haven’t seen in 100 years. But the hope eventually prevailed and the silent majority punished the corrupt Government, Gjorcev said in a Alfa TV interview.

SDSM saw its support collapse, especially in Skopje and other urban centers, and the party is on the verge of losing all major cities except for Zaev’s stronghold of Strumica.