Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who was deposed largely owing to the partisan prosecution by Katica Janeva, made his first public comment following the racketeering and abuse of office scandal that pushed Janeva to offer her resignation. Seemingly at a loss for words to capture the chaotic situation in Macedonia, Gruevski turned to emojis as he listed scandal after scandal perpetrated by the Zaev Government.

Friends ask me why I’m not commenting on the telenovela that we are seeing? What more can I say? Every day a new scandal breaks. You have to be idle to comment on them all. And what could I add? People who glorified and praised Zaev, who would go crazy with hysteria because he didn’t arrest me, are now publicly saying they feel like fools and idiots (their words). What more can I say about the Special Prosecutor’s Office? For two years I detailed how they act illegally, discharging partisan justice, pressuring the judges, when those who defended the SPO now say that the prosecutors should be gone as soon as possible. The prosecutors unjustly prosecuted and harassed me and many others, and now they themselves jump at the slightest sound, afraid that somebody is coming for them. Compromised and contaminated, they try to denounce themselves, Gruevski wrote, adding the emojis for footsteps, the praying emoji, the one for sleeping pills and a mouse.

In quick notes, Gruevski points out to Zoran Zaev’s debasement before the Greek public in an interview in which he claimed that Macedonia was stealing history from its neighbors and that the Macedonians were Bulgarians until 1944, his acknowledgement that he edited the wiretaps he used in 2015 in his campaign to grab power, his plan to appoint 200 new judges without going through the judicial academy, his promise to hike retirement incomes, welfare and farm subsidies months before the next elections and his “false promise of five billion in infrastructure investments”. Without going into detail, Gruevski also names Zaev’s loose talk with Russian pranksters, the closure of Boki 13’s television, the false promise that he will not alter the history books and the plan to alter the names of Skopje city streets, including the one named after leading WW2 partisan commander Petre Piruze Majski who was later prosecuted by the Communists.

Повеке пријатели деновиве ми пишуваат зошто не коментирам нешто за скандалите што се случуваат кај нас. Од шпанската…

Gepostet von Nikola Gruevski am Montag, 29. Juli 2019