The Mayor of Ohrid Kiril Pecakov met on Monday at thee municipality offices with the representatives of the hotels’ association, the service sector, tourist agencies, tour operators, and Ohrid Police in an attempt to  solve the blockade of the entrance to the city at the beginning of the tourist season.

The State Roads Enterprise decided to build a new connection to the city in June, blocking the entrance and making the tourist season almost impossible. The Mayor of Ohrid is from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

It was decided at the meeting to jointly appeal to thee competent Ministry to redirect its activities to other, not so significant points, and continue the works after the season ends.

“The decision to block the main entrance to the city is devastating to the city, because it will significantly reduce thee number of tourists coming to Ohrid. The same road connects the city to the airport, so foreign tourists travel 2.5 hours to the city”, Pecakov said.