Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, in an interview with Fokus weekly claims that there are testimonies from lawmakers of how special prosecutor Katica Janeva allegedly persuaded them to vote on constitutional changes.

I have testimonies from MPs who were practically persuaded by Katica Janeva to vote for constitutional changes. They are ready to confirm this everywhere. I myself was a victim of her blackmail when Katica Janeva in her office blackmailed me to vote for SPO to unfreeze the property. It is trading with law and finally, we are witnessing the biggest scandal in the recent history of the Republic of Macedonia “Racket”, where the Macedonian public could see money in a suitcase and hear Katica Janeva say that everything would be OK. Do you think these people, Bojan Jovanovski, Katica Janeva and the other participants could have done this on their own? I guarantee you…, says Mickoski in an interview with Fokus weekly.