The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said at Tuesday’s press conference that Macedonia is facing the most severe health and economic crisis and that the government has a complete systemic failure to deal with it.

Mickoski also accused that the past three years of SDSM’s rule have passed with “problems, cancellations, injustices, constant anticipation for the better.”

What have they done in the past three years since coming to power in Macedonia? Chaos, setbacks, destroyed economy. Zaev consciously does not remember, but Macedonia does not forget. It does not forget the unfulfilled promises for life in the country, for the 500 euros average salary which instead of increasing decreases. The promises of 500 km of highways for new investments we don’t see, do you remember those famous investments of Facebook, Google, Sanos, the clean air or the gasification that doesn’t exist, the five percent GDP growth and the economy that didn’t happen a year after they are a government in Macedonia, Mickoski said.