Musicians, singers, DJs and other performers are scheduled to protest in front of the Macedonian Government building this afternoon, after strict new regulations to stop the spread of the coronavirus banned concerts in clubs. The order came after several massively attended concerts in posh clubs in Skopje angered the public.

A number of well known musicians publicly voiced their anger, even saying they face existential problems after months under various restrictions.

This country mandates selective treatment and discriminates, all because of several clubs who were violating the restrictions. We live in Selectodonia. I don’t know who is organizing the protest, but I’m sick and tired of the measures, protocols, who are adopted without any expert approval, said Petar Mladenovski – Pece from the Superhiks band.

Zdravko Josifovski from the NUK association that represents clubs, restaurants and cafes said that its members will shut down for two weeks rather than implement the latest protocols. But he asked for an apology from the Government if the number of newly infected patients continues to rise during the shutdown.