Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said Wednesday that the Law on Languages will not be revised and that the recommendations of the Venice Commission refer to the lack of capacity in the institutions for its full implementation.

The main idea behind the Venice Commission’s recommendations is the lack of capacity in institutions to fully implement all the provisions of the Law not to affect other processes, for example in the judiciary, not to delay the trials, to abuse the Law on delay of trials, etc., Osmani said.

According to him, it must not be allowed the Law on Languages to risk any other important process in the state, especially the rule of law.

That is why the decision is that the Law will not be revised, there is no such recommendation from the European Commission, but through action plans, through working groups, in this transitional phase until the law enters into force, one year after its adoption, to prepare these capacities in order to have no impact on other processes, Osmani said.