I cannot say that this second cycle will be 100 percent successful, but we are entering honestly and committed to find a solution because the European perspective is important for general progress, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani on the new negotiation process with Bulgaria, which he said was intensified after the intergovernmental session in Sofia, which was held after three consecutive elections in Bulgaria, the elections in our country and the new governments in both countries.

In an interview with TV Kanal 5, Osmani said that the two governments agreed to start a new dynamic of the process with a platform for restoring trust through frequent communication and cooperation.

We will learn from the mistakes and experiences of the first cycle that started well, had results with the Good Neighbor Agreement and was a great achievement in bilateral relations. We hope that in this second cycle, which we are starting now, we will crown it positively in the interest of the European perspective of the region, and of course the bilateral cooperation, said Osmani, adding that the set up working groups will help, the focus will be the future which will make it easier to solve the challenges.