Bulgaria does not understand the messag of Goce Delcev. From their attempts to negate the Macedonian existence, the Macedonian reality and truth, they show that they also don’t understand the European values, said former Macedonian Ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorcev. Gjorcev spoke at a conference on Goce Delcev held today, after the 150th anniversary of his birth was honored on Friday. Bulgaria is trying to claim the legendary VMRO leader who fought to liberate Macedonia as an ethnic Bulgarian.

We have advantage here given the history, the facts and the legendary dimension of what Goce Delcev represents for us. Our folk songs portray GOce Delcev as a primary, organic type of a Macedonian man that we need to cherish, Gjorcev said.

The diplomat warned that the Kovacevski Government is apparently prepared to make new concessions to Bulgaria and to allow the extension of foreign interests over the will of the Macedonian citizens.

The statements made by the Prime Minister and the President weaken our position in the negotiations with the Republic of Bulgaria. They are also undermining the resolution that was adopted in Parliament, with full consensus, to set out our red lines, Gjorcev added.