Nefi Useini, the powerful DUI party Council member in Ohrid, completed what will likely be a new cafe he built unlawfully in the city center.
Useini’s men kicked inspectors from the site, just across the iconic 11 centuries old Cinar (sycamore) tree, telling them that he was given permission to build by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the new Mayor Kostadin Georgievski. Useini is also the investor behind an industrial site, also built without permit, this time at the very shore of the lake.

Zaev also allowed the construcion of a towering minaret over the old city, which the Islamic Community built in a pre-election period, when Zaev was desperate for the Albanian votes for his presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski, and for Georgievski’s mayoral run. The city now faces losing its coveted status as a UNESCO world heritage site, partly due to uncontrollable construction and development.