As smugglers who commit crimes, the councilors of SDS, DUI and Levica at midnight requested an extraordinary session in the council of the City of Skopje, the largest opposition party VMRO DPMNE reacts.

According to the party, without any need for an emergency, they requested an emergency session to vote on 4 points.

The points are:

1. To allocate over half a billion denars of money for JSP without a detailed explanation of how it will be spent.

2. For the arrangement of construction land, for which the business partner of SDS, DUI, showed particular interest.

3. For the criminal halving of the debt that the “Boris Trajkovski” sports center managed by SDS personnel should pay to the city of Skopje, whereby the City waives half of the amount of 1 million euros that the Sports Center should pay to the City.

4. Financing of development of urban plans.

An example of how the criminal coalition SDS, Levica and DUI works is precisely the point where over half a billion denars are transferred to JSP without asking for a detailed report on it. Previously, at the regular session of the Skopje City Council, SDS voted against, and after agreeing and harmonizing with DUI and Levica, they requested an extraordinary session at midnight, where they voted FOR 650 million denars in subsidies for their JSP director, Aleksandar Stojkovski. The coalition of chaos and crime SDSM, DUI and Levica in action. The glue is the crime and tenders of Arsovska, says VMRO DPMNE.