Three citizens died over the past 24 hours from consequences of the coronavirus infection. This includes a 35 year old female patient from a village near Veles, one of the youngest victims of the infection. The patient reportedly didn’t have other illnesses.

The other two fatalities were a 69 year old from Skopje and a 77 year old from Makedonski Brod. This brings the total death toll of the epidemic to 547.

In its regular daily report the Healthcare Ministry also said that 103 new patients were diagnosed out of the 912 test that were conducted. The number of tests is sharply down compared to the past several days. Kumanovo leads the country with newly diagnosed patients (26), ahead of Gostivar with 15 and Skopje with 13.

It’s estimated that the number of active cases dipped below 3,000 again – the Ministry puts its estimate at 2,932.