With a thunderous applause, 62 votes were greeted, which supposedly mean endorsing the government in the confidence vote. The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev himself asked for a vote of confidence, without debate, without discussing the omissions, the wrong policy, the bad negotiations, the changes in the textbooks, the fact that we still do not have vaccines…

Do those 62 votes really mean triumph ?! What was the applause for in the Parliament? For the missing vaccines? For the changed name? For the identity manipulations? For the abolition of history? For the fact that we still do not have a date for negotiations, even though we gave up everything that is Macedonian? For the manipulation with the killed boys near Smilkovsko Lake?

Although seemingly brave, Zaev’s move was quite cowardly, and it was immediately pointed out to him by the opposition in Parliament.

You did not have the strength, courage to propose it under Article 214 paragraph 3 and allow three days of debate here and say all the anomalies of this Government, but running away from the public for three days you do not want face the fact that there are no vaccines in the Republic of Macedonia, that we have highest mortality rate in the Republic of Macedonia, the fact that yesterday the Anti-Corruption Minister in the Republic of Macedonia said to the media “I pay you you should say what I say on “Top tema”. You want to escape from all the corruption scandals that this Government has been involved in, pointed out the coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE’s group in Parliament Nikola Micevski.

VMRO-DPMNE MP, Timco Mucunski told Sitel TV said that today for five hours in the Parliament, Prime Minister Zaev dealt with Byzantine games instead of the problems of the citizens.

Today in the Parliament we witnessed four five-hour Byzantine games at which in the end Prime Minister Zaev proved that he has the majority he has had since August. We see some triumphalism now. According to me, it would be triumphant for the Prime Minister to come before the MPs today and say that 100,000 vaccines have been provided, to come and say that there is a new set of economic measures that will save jobs that will save companies that are on edge of liquidity, said Mucunski.

Today’s alleged triumph of Zaev is just proof that he is seriously concerned and that he is desperately buying time for the fragile government. The hasty and smuggling vote only confirmed the latest rumors that his coalition is on the verge of collapse, especially since LDP and DS MPs decided to act independently, and the confidence vote reflects how much distrust he has in his coalition partners.

People are dissatisfied. People are not happy that there are no vaccines. People are not happy that history is being abolished. People are not happy that we have changed the name and we are still at the gates of the EU that are closed to us. People are not happy that the pensions have increased by just 135 denars. People are not happy that SDSM is in power!