Did Zoran Zaev secure himself 90 days of peace or made all the calculations? Is the Constitution on his side or not? The Constitution says that once a vote of confidence in the government is endorsed, a new vote of confidence motion procedure may not be initiated for 90 days, but only when at least 20 lawmakers request it.

Article 92 of the Constitution states: “If the confidence vote is requested by 20 MPs and the government survives, then no MP can request a re-vote of confidence in the government within 90 days.”

Article 93 of the Constitution stipulates that a confidence vote may be initiated at the request of the government itself, but does not specify a period when the vote can be initiated again.

Judging by Article 93, 20 MPs can initiate a vote of confidence at any time and such item should be on the agenda.

Did Zaev manage to make a circus today for twenty days of peace?