Prime Minister Zoran Zaev confirmed Monday he has talked to Alternativa leader Afrim Gashi and told him to pick the day for a meeting over the option of Alternativa joining the parliamentary majority and the Government, Alsat TV reports.

As reported by Alsat, they asked Gashi for his opinion on whether he would respond to Zaev’s call, but so far they have not had a specific answer.

When asked if they received an offer from SDSM to talk about joining the Government on TV Alsat’s “360 degrees” show on Friday, Gashi, said that they have not received a single offer.

It is a principle for us to discuss first with VMRO and the Alliance, to see what is their concept for the development of further processes, how they see it, and how we see the process of overcoming the crisis. If we have common points, if we harmonize, I think we will continue to be consistent in what we have been so far as a constructive opposition, etc. But if we cannot agree, only then can we see what is expected of us, what is the new context, in that new context where Alternative can fit in, of course, we will have to discuss this in our party bodies. We are a democratic party with a well-developed democracy, we do not take decisions from one person or from a close group, but open it as an internal debate, discuss at length, analyze all dimensions and make the decision that we think is in the interest of all citizens, said Gashi.