An art exhibition is being held in Skopje in remembrance of the devastating 1963 earthquake as well as the famous poet Aco Shopov.

The art exhibition is titled “Skopje’s urban stories” and it’s honoring the centennial of the birth of famous writer Aco Shopov, and 60 years since the tragic Skopje earthquake. The exhibition begins today at 17:17 and lasts until July 9th . The art installations will be placed in the city center by the Culture Information Centar, the Institute Francaise, the Gral gallery and ends near the restorant Pelister, and the exhibition is supposed to be enjoyed during a promenade.

Artists of all ages are participating, including already famous artists like Marina Leshkova, Zhaneta Vangjeli, Ivancho Talevski, Robert Jankulovski and many more.