We regret to inform the public that the additional Deputy Minister, Sanela Skrijelj, is creating an intrusion into the normal functioning of the Labor Ministry led by Minister Rasela Mizrahi. Sanela Skrijelj outside the legal framework blocks the work of the Minister, impedes the normal functioning of the Labor Ministry and the normal movement of documents throughout the institution. Sanela Skrijelj with an obvious party agenda exerts pressure and mobbing on the Ministry staff, the Office of interim Minister Rasela Mizrahi said in a press release.

Sanela Skrijelj’s latest act is a direct influence and prohibition that goes beyond the legal framework to prevent the archiving of documents signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy and their further implementation and treatment within the Ministrty’s work. All this raises the question of what additional Deputy Minister Sanela Skrijelj is afraid of and what should not be brought to light? This way of functioning has been evident for a long time, the minister’s office said.

Mizrahi’s office points out that this goes beyond the limits of political correctness but also confidence in the capacity of SDSM’s Sanela Skrijel to work towards creating an environment for a fair and democratic electoral process, which is the purpose of such an additional deputy minister. At the same time, this kind of action and demonstration of force raises doubts about the deliberate blocking of the work of the Ministry, as well as an attempt to hide previous inconsistencies from the previous minister.