The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski reminds through a Facebook post that a few months ago he said that his dream is to cut travel time between Skopje and Thessaloniki and people to be able to travel for an hour and a half in both directions.

Then SDSM said that it was impossible and insulted me, so that tomorrow they could sign a document that confirms my idea and vision. We know that they are incapable of realizing anything and that is why they will fall in this election. So we with ready, responsible and professional staff and assistance from the European Union will realize this great project for high-speed railway between Thessaloniki, Skopje, Belgrade, Vienna and the rest of Europe. A project that will revive Macedonia. Message to SDSM – in politics the most important thing is to have a vision and capacity to realize what you dream of, and the people love, everything else is incompetence, crime and corruption. That is why you are leaving, Nikoloski said on Facebook.