Prosecutors Lence Ristoska and Fatime Fetai or any prosecutor appointed as acting prosecutors cannot take over the post of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva as SPO chief, say university professors Gordan Kalajdziev and Dimitar Apasiev. For the SPO to function for another year, until the end of its term, it is necessary to conclude Janeva’s resignation and then by consensus of the four parties to bring in a new person to assume her post.

Her assistants have no chance, neither legal nor any other to run the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Consensus should be reached on a new person according to the new SPO law as soon as possible, university professor Gordan Kalajdziev told Alfa.

Everything is special in the SPO, according to Dimitar Apasiev.

Everything is special in the SPO, you have a master and a god principle, without the chief Special Prosecutor, the others have no function, Dimitar Apasiev believes, and both agree that acting in the direction of dismissing Janeva will cost a lot of time – several months.

It would be best to go on a fast lane, not by dismissal, but by Janeva’s resignation, that is the fastest way, Kalajdziev said.

The Council of Prosecutors should make a decision confirming the resignation. This is a much faster way, says Apasiev.

The statement of the Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski regarding acting Special Public Prosecutor is an attempt to suspend the Parliament, which is an introduction to a coup.

Jovevski is not alone in the idea, his position is shared by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who yesterday after SDSM’s Central Board meeting said that acting special public prosecutor should be appointed as soon as possible.