The OJO office of state prosecutors informed that it is looking into the evidence of police interference in the elections submitted by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. VMRO showed screen-shots of Viber messages exchanged between several dozens police officials in Prilep and high Interior Ministry officials, who coordinated actions to follow, intimidate and even attack opposition activists.

Even as an internal investigation is allegedly going on, the Interior Ministry quickly denied that its official are guilty of intimidation. The OJO office said that it has forwarded the evidence to its Prilep office for further processing.

The messages showed chilling comments such as “kill him”, “do something, stop him” and “seize his car” exchanged between police officials based in the office of Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and local police commanders on the ground in Prilep. And while the race in Prilep ended with an overwhelming VMRO win, despite these attacks, police is also currently employing similar tactics in Kumanovo, against opposition candidate Maksim Dimitrievski.