The owner of Screen Media is Elmedin Ademi, who also owns the construction company Eurovia, which won a €1.8 million tender to refurbish a sports hall. Screen Media rented its billboards to other parties, too, but only donated to DUI.

The advertising firm Screen Media rented billboards to DUI for the local elections in 2021, while at the same time, it was one of the larger sponsors of the party – it charged DUI €34,000 for the billboards and donated €12,000 to the same party, TV Telma investigated.

The law strictly forbids private companies to donate to political parties if, at the moment of donation, they were in any kind of business relationship with any governmental institution.

Despite that, in the last three years Elmedin Ademi and his companies – Eurovia, Screen Media, Viacom, Talenta, Enea, and Adel – donated to DUI over €160,000.

Furthermore, Ademi personally donated to the party more money than all the names on the list put together.