The Alliance of Albanians and Alternative informed the public that they will not engage in coalition talks until the DUI party manages to achieve its key pre-election promise – that it will appoint an ethnic Albanian as Prime Minister.

This coalition, led by Ziadin Sela and Afrim Gashi, has 12 seats in Parliament, against 15 for DUI, who it accuses of ballot stuffing. Although they could play an important role in a future coalition, Sela and Gashi said that they will wait for DUI, and even support it if it manages to persuade SDSM to appoint its candidate Naser Ziberi as Prime Minister. But if DUI fails, Sela and Gashi say, it should go in the opposition.

The public should know that Albanians will no longer push each other at the door, fighting to get inside the Government, undercutting our price in the political market, the coalition said as an explanation why they will allow DUI to pursue it talks with SDSM. “If Naser Ziberi is nominated for Prime Minister, we will give him our 12 votes. But if DUI fails to accomplish this promise, on which it won its legitimacy and its votes, that party has no right to be part of a future coalition and should go in opposition”.