Deputy Parliament Speaker Frosina Remenski, who stands accused of racketeering, accused “para-intelligence structures” of bringing her down. Remenski spoke to the press after inspecting the evidence state prosecutors have amassed against her and according to her, the main culprit is the former head of the UBK intelligence agency Goran Nikolovski, but also hinted at blaming the outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev who Remenski said was also close to the suspected racketeer Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13. Both Zaev and Interior Minister Spasovski, as well as many other Government officials, would meet, take pictures with Boki 13, attend his events, and Remenski pointed this fact out.

What is the role Goran Nikolovski played? What actions did he officially undertake? And if he took some action, would the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister have appeared at the celebration of the (Boki 13 owned 1TV) television or have sent a video message?, Remenski said.

Nikolovski was removed from his position by default, as Zaev’s regime is abolishing UBK in favor of a new security agency, which is reportedly being staffed mainly with SDSM party loyalists.

Her statement opened a new line of confrontation within the ruling SDSM party, which nominated Goran Nikolovski as head of the UBK service, while appointed Remenski as Deputy Speaker and her husband Jovce Remenski as head of the terrorism unit in the Interior Ministry. Remenski accused Nikolovski of being close to businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, and even living in an apartment owned by Kamcev. Kamcev himself testified that he consulted Nikolovski when he faced extortion attempts from Boki 13 and former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva.

Remenski is charged in a separate but connected case. As close friend of Boki 13 she was named honorary President of a bogus charity he set up. The charity, called the International Association, received a million euros from two businessmen who were either extorted or promised to be clued in lucrative and politically linked real-estate deals – or both. The businessman are now asking for their money back, and Remenski, Boki 13, his father and a close associate are charged. Remenski, who is the only SDSM party official to be charged in the Boki 13 scandals so far, also hinted at revealing crimes involving other individuals.

As a security affairs professor I’m targeted by para-police structures, I’m the target of an intelligence, para-police situation and I’m put in an absurd position to justify what I have done or haven’t done, while all the others, whose crimes this professor has revealed, are trying to cover up their tracks, Remenski said.

She also announced that she will reveal details about the deployment of undercover UBK agents who were spying for the benefit of a foreign country.