Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the second portion of the major stimulus package he has prepared will go into effect. “We will not lose what we have been building for so long”, Orban said, referring to the significant economic growth and rising living standards over the past years.

Our goal is to create as many jobs as the virus destroys. We will fight the epidemic and its fallout in the economy simultaneously. We must save both the lives of our people and their future, Orban said.

The stimulus package includes financial assistance to companies covering a portion of worker salaries. A otal of 1,2 billion EUR will be used to support investments, and a third program will help the worst hit industries such as tourism, hospitality, construction and the film industry. Retirees will receive an additional pension for the year.

Meanwhile, Hungary is also focused on regional cooperation – it sent planeloads with medical equipment to Macedonia and Serbia.