Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto faced off CNN journalist Richard Quest in a debate over the Hungarian law that protects minors from pornographic materials and curbs the spread of child porn. Hungary has faced strong attacks from left leaning journalists and politicians over the law, and Szijjarto insisted that this often comes from people who haven’t read the law in the first place – while commending Quest for showing up with a copy of the law.

The law has two parts, one is about very seriously punishing pedophilia. The other part of the law ensures that in order to protect our children, the exclusive right of the education of our children regarding sexual orientation goes to their parents. These are two totally different parts of the law, Szijjarto said.

Quest, who is in a gay marriage and was arrested in 2008 for exposing himself in a New York park, asked whether he would be declared a pedophile under the Hungarian law. Szijjarto assured him that adults in Hungary are free to live their lives as they please, but that parents will have the right to limit what kind of explicit materials their children are exposed to.