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Macedonia 20.05.19 | 23:56

Zaev insists his purge will begin in June

From his economic conference in Vienna, Zoran Zaev repeated his threat that he will begin purging corrupt officials from his Government in June. There is a quality period of ten days, 12 ahead of us until the start of JUne, and I intend to come out with specific proposals for the names of people who...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 23:51

Twitter leaps to the defense of taxi driver who recorded Pavle Bogoevski’s cocaine purchase

With state prosecutors seemingly intenet to go after a taxi driver suspected of recording powerful SDSM member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski while purchasing cocaine, but not going after Bogoevski himself, Twitter users have expressed their outrage. In a scene reminiscent of the classical Kubrick movie...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 21:12

The left blames the Macedonian diaspora for not helping “North Macedonia” win the Eurovision song contest

Tamara Todevska’s performance at the Eurovision song contest, where she ranked eight, revealed a deep divide in Macedonia. Tamara’s supporters, who come mainly from the left and are focused around the SDSM party, launched tirades at their political opponents accusing them of not being enthusiastic...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 19:58

Osmani sees Zaev’s “operation broom” as a political show

Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani continues with his rejection of Zoran Zaev’s request that the Government will have to be purged from its most corrupt and inept officials. According to Osmani, “the citizens only care whether the Government or the political party delivers results, the rest...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 18:44

Minister Carovska’s partner wins another public contract

Labor and Welfare Minister Mila Carovska is in the news over receiving public procurement contracts again. Her unwed husband Goran Georgievski won a bid worth a million denars (16.000 EUR) from the city of Skopje, led by the same SDSM party. As in the previous episodes of the scandal, Georgievski’s...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 18:17

Zaev pleads with Hahn to keep his promise of opening EU accession talks this summer

During a Vienna economic conference, Zoran Zaev publicly pleaded with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, asking now that Macedonia changed its name, the EU doesn’t go back on its promise to allow “North Macedonia” to open accession talks. Hahn assured Macedonians for years that the EU will...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 17:57

Nepotism watch: SDSM appointed manager of the GTC shopping mall is hiring and promoting relatives

Owners of stores in the large GTC mall in downtown Skopje are blaming the state appointed manager Gjoko Trajcevski and his assistant Valentina Bajram of nepotistic hiring and appointments. GTC is funded by rent and fees paid by shopkeepers, but the Government and the SDSM party have a key say in appointing...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 16:50

Zaev comes to Pavle Bogoevski’s defense in his drug scandal

Zoran Zaev stepped in to defend his member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski, saying that his drug use is his own, personal matter. Bogoevski, who was the leader of the Colored Revolution ostensibly put in place to demand accountability from politicians, was recorded ordering what appears to have been cocaine...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 15:43

Skopje to host its first-ever Pride Parade on June 29

The country’s first-ever Pride Parade will take place in downtown Skopje on June 29, the National Network Against Homophobia and Transphobia announced at a press conference. The Pride Parade is a march of LGBTI people to ask for support, affirmation, and protection of their rights by state institutions...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 15:11

Pendarovski meets with Ahmeti

The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, met Monday with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti. The two interlocutors exchanged views on the current developments in the Republic of Macedonia. President Pendarovski pointed to the need for all political actors to have a responsible approach in the...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 14:42

Financial Times: “North” Macedonia must strengthen the rights of ethnic Albanians

Arguably, the Prespa settlement is the west’s biggest diplomatic achievement in the Balkans since the US-brokered Dayton agreements that ended the Bosnian war in 1995. Prespa raises hopes of progress in tackling other regional challenges, notably the Serbia-Kosovo dispute, ethnic rivalries and constitutional...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 14:20

VMRO-DPMNE asks Bogoevski to step down

Pavle Bogoevski is still a member of Parliament. He doesn’t want to resign either for moral or health reasons. We do not want a person elected by the citizens to make decisions with unclear consciousness, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 10:27

We became a role model how to settle the most difficult issues, Europe should reward us

North Macedonia quickly become a role model, an example of how even the most difficult bilateral issues are settled, and Europe should reward our country for that, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said at a meeting with former Austrian President Heinz Fischer in Vienna. According to the government’s press...

Macedonia 20.05.19 | 09:59

Few names revealed: These are the first people and associates in Pendarovski’s office

Stevo Pendarovski has already set the grounds for his cabinet’s staff. The general secretary of the presidential service is the current government spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski, and cabinet sources revealed for Sitel TV several other new names that will serve the president. As the TV station reported,...

Macedonia 19.05.19 | 17:11

Mickoski congratulates Tamara for placing 8th in Eurovision

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski congratulated Tamara Todevska and the Macedonian team in Tel Aviv for placing 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest, the best success of our country in this contest.

Macedonia 19.05.19 | 10:34

New York Times: The world has a newly named country, be among the first to visit North Macedonia

The world has a newly named country, North Macedonia. And that is good news for regional relations and travelers, who are visiting the southeastern corner of Europe in growing numbers, read a New York Times article titled “Be among the first to visit North Macedonia”. In February, “the...

Macedonia 18.05.19 | 15:39

DUI adviser in Ohrid and investor of illegal construction hurled insults at journalist

DUI adviser Nefi Useini hurled insults at journalist who wanted to ask him about the continuation of construction activities on an object in a protected zone in Ohrid despite the decision to demolish. The summer terrace of a building on the Cinar Square began to be built on March 9th. On March...

Macedonia 18.05.19 | 15:20

VMRO-DPMNE: There will be no date for start of accession negotiations, the government cares more about crime than projects

There will not be a date for opening accession negotiations because the government cares more about crime than the projects, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release. According to the opposition party, the irresponsible and criminal governance is seen by international officials and quite expected, as there...

Macedonia 18.05.19 | 11:25

Committee on textbooks in Macedonia and Greece to hold 4th meeting in Ohrid

The Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts on History, Archaeology, and Education is meeting in Ohrid to further discuss textbooks and curricula in Macedonia and Greece, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports citing Greek sources. “With the Joint Interdisciplinary Committee of Experts in...

Macedonia 18.05.19 | 10:32

Mickoski: Let’s raise our voice against deception, injustice, and destruction of our country

The scams of the government continue, and they sink deeper into their own mud. This government is delegitimized, and each step means further disappointment and ruin. I was in the victorious Sopiste and people know that the days of this incompetent government are counted. Opposite to elitism, people need...