VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said Monday in an interview with TV Klan that before there was not a month without a new factory being opened, unlike now it is not known when a factory was opened, there are no investments with this government and it is obvious that it can’t do more than this.

In 2014, 2015 we were 62nd, 64th, 66th on the Transparency scale, now we are on the 111th place, and now we are fighting corruption and crime, the numbers are ruthless, says Mickoski.

He stressed that the international community says there are no investments because corruption is high, and that corrupt political elites rule here.

I am ashamed when Vucic says that there are twice as many foreign investments than in Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo or Bosnia together, we were leaders, they learned from us, there was not a month without a new factory being opened, when was the last a new factory was opened, how many people work in Lear Tetovo, how is the gas pipeline to Gostivar going, I am ashamed, the situation is bad, people live badly and we are at the bottom in the Balkans in everything, we have no vaccines, we are first in number of deaths and infections, we are first in crime, Balkan and European drug mobsters enjoy Macedonian passports, I am ashamed, said Mickoski.