For the time being, the government does not plan to limit the change in the prices of basic products, something that is in force in Serbia as of today. According to the government, the situation with the price changes is being monitored and if the prices start to grow faster, it is not excluded that measures will be introduced.

Freezing the prices in the country can be proposed by the Ministry of Economy, under the Law on Trade. The minister’s office says that there is increase of the prices of certain products and that is due to the stock exchange prices of electricity and oil.

In Serbia, as of today, prices are limited to the level of November 15. The measure envisages that in the next 60 days the price of milk, oil, sugar, flour and pork must not increase. Any violation of the measures draws fines up to 17,000 euros, and ban on business operations for 6 to 12 months.