Inflation in Macedonia is 19.8%, and thus the highest in the region of the former SFRY, Slovenia has almost twice smaller inflation as Macedonia, i.e. only 10%. Inflation for food and beverages is 32.4% in Macedonia and 17.2% in Slovenia. Statistics show that in Slovenia, with twice as high wages and a much stronger standard of living, the growth in prices is lower than in Macedonia, according to VMRO DPMNE.

In Macedonia, the people feel the highest inflation in the region. The comparison is the same with Serbia where inflation is 14% and Croatia with inflation of 12.8%. This shows that above all the high inflation in Macedonia is the result of the government’s inability to deal with the shocks, but also the lack of work in the past 5 years. The blow comes in the energy sector, mainly the price of electricity and food and beverages. These are sectors in which high-quality management would prevent high inflation. The fact that inflation is the highest in Macedonia is proof of the government’s inaction. And instead of half-measures, we call on the Government to implement all the measures that we have proposed, all with the aim of improving the situation in the economy and helping the citizens, responded VMRO DPMNE.