Citizens’ health and providing economic livelihoods for them must be more important than the personal gain and corruption of SDSM officials. In the period when the Republic of Macedonia is facing a health and economic crisis, SDSM is committed to realizing personal interests and spending budget money, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

According to the party, Radmila Sekerinska spent more than 1 million denars on travels through the Ministry of Defense in the period between March 17-20. Also, during these four days the ministry headed by Radmila Sekerinska spent over 360 thousand denars on lunches and feasts.

While health workers are facing huge shortages of medical equipment needed daily in the fight against the coronavirus as ventilators, masks and gloves, and Zoran Zaev wants to cut salaries of workers who barely make ends meet, Sekerinska has spend money on expensive lunches. The government of the Republic of Macedonia led by SDSM for three years has been lying to the people that the state is shining and that everything is in order, and only three weeks after the coronavirus outbreak, the Macedonian economy is collapsing, VMRO-DPMNE says.

That is why VMRO-DPMNE proposes a set of measures that will surely contribute to the stabilization of the economy without the workers feeling it on their backs.

1. The public budget must cover 50 percent of the gross salaries of employees

2. Freezing of loan and interest payments citizens and companies have toward the banks

3. An end to non-essential spending from the budget, and an absolute focus toward public infrastructure building

4. Help transport companies by reducing road tolls, customs and abolishing customs for purchase of medical equipment

5. Income tax break for April, May and June and VAT sales tax break for March for all crisis hit industries

6. End to all temporary employment programs in the public sector

7. No evening out of the salaries of public sector managers and ordinary employees

8. Urgently securing a billion EUR through 600 million EUR in loans and 400 million EUR already invested in public bonds