Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski visited the Struga police chief Driton Ajro, who was stabbed yesterday. Spasovski said that the stabbing constitutes an “attack on the state”.

Violence is the last refuge of the criminals, their last attempt to intimidate those charged with upholding the law. The penalty for this, coming from the judiciary, should be swift and strict. The last blow from the police, in our final confrontation with the criminals, will be the strongest yet, declared Spasovski, who is running for President despite the numerous criminal and corruption scandals that followed his term as Interior Minister.

There is no indication of the motive. The attacker is a 44 year old man from the criminal no-go zone of Velesta, north of Struga. He blocked Ajeti while both were in their cars, threatened to shoot him and then stabbed the police chief in the jaw and neck area while he was trying to call reinforcements. The attacker accused the police chief of sending police officers to follow him.
The attacker was detained after a brief flight. He was given 30 days in detention.