The SDSM – DUI led coalition is using the coronavirus as an excuse to have the members of Parliament vote from home, said VMRO-DPMNE representative Antonio Milososki. He says that the actual reason for this is the slim ruling majority and the fact that several coalition representatives, such as DUI leader Ali Ahmeti and DPA leader Menduh Thaci, were famous for refusing to appear in Parliament.

The majority is trying to sneak through a temporary change in the rules of the Parliament to allow working online, from home. The attempts is meant to cover up the incompetence of this stitched up coalition which can’t provide the 61 members necessary to hold Parliament sessions. At least two of their representatives would only come to Parliament once in a blue moon, and two representatives of their smaller coalition partners are visibly angry at their treatment. This means that the majority will often have problems in gathering their members to ensure the normal work of the Parliament, and are trying to do so under the guise of the pandemic and the need to digitalize. How is it that drivers and teachers and journalists and doctors are required to go to work, but members of Parliament can’t?, Milososki said.

The new Zaev led Government was voted in with one member of Parliament, doctor Arben Ziberi from DUI, who famously got fired from the key Infectious Diseases Committee after boasting that he had the borders open just so DUI voters can come from Kosovo and Western European countries, voting from a special booth after contracting the coronavirus.

Milososki added that other issues have developed in the ruling coalition, which seems unable to determine who will lead some of the key Parliament committees – covering healthcare, European issues and the political system. This, according to Milososki, shows that the coalition is still trying to divide the spoils of Government and is clearly not stable enough.