Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called for an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations in Ukraine. Orban said that Hungary will not take a side in the conflict, and is on the side of peace.

Every country has its own historical experience. This right here is a war. We have experience in war, therefore at the beginning it must be clear who is at war with whom and what is our relation to this. According to Hungarian perception this is a Russian-Ukrainian war. We don’t make an equal mark because this war should never have started and the reason it did is because the Russians attacked Ukraine. So, let’s not clear up the position of the opposition parties, but this still makes this a Russian-Ukrainian war. This is not our war This is not Hungary’s war, Orban said in a social media message.

Hungary is opposed to expanding the EU sanctions on Russia with a ban on oil exports, and Orban said that the country will be guided by its interests and what is morally right.

We have this position, it’s called peace. We are not on the side of war or the other, we are on the side of peace. Every step that I take and what the Hungarian government is doing is the purpose of making an immediate ceasefire as soon as possible and the peace negotiations should begin as soon as possible, Orban added.