Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi said at a press conference Monday that the prices of rice and eggs will be capped as of Tuesday.

At the press conference, Bekteshi said that the government will not intervene in the prices of sugar and flour because there has already been a reduction in the prices of these products and that trend is expected to continue.

Bekteshi did not specify what price the products will be capped to.

According to the Minister, the prices of eggs in Macedonia are the lowest in the region, and they will not allow the prices to be increased because of the upcoming holidays.

“We expect the prices of sugar and flour to continue to drop, if this isn’t the case we will adopt additional decisions by the end of this or the beginning of next week,” said Bekteshi.

The prices of pasta and dairy products have been capped since March 16, while the price of bread has been capped since February 28, which was also when the government scrapped the measure for subsidized electricity for companies from the food industry.

Minister Bekteshi said last week that new measures on prices are possible in April.