The Public Revenue Office (PRO) trade union is still waiting for the mediator to call both parties and start looking for a solution to their demands, Vase Nedanovski, the union’s representative, told reporters on Monday.

The PRO and Custom Administration’s employees threatened with a general strike if they don’t receive a 30% raise to their salaries. A strike by these  institutions will completely block the country – the borders will be closed, and there will be no financial transactions whatsoever.

The Government refuses to raise the salaries, claiming they are working on a comprehensive model that would solve thee salaries problem across the public administration. Last week the trade union froze the decision to strike, after they and the Government’s representatives agreed on a mediation process to overcome the differences in their positions.

Nedanovski added that if the current mediator is out of the country or cannot help in the process, then another one may be found.

“If we don’t hear from the mediator until tomorrow (June 27), the decision on general strike will be activated, and we will use all means at our disposal. We are not part of the security or emergency services to have legal limitations as to how conduct our strike, so thhere is no legal way to prevent our actions”, Nedanovski said.